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Xero Partner of the year. Then what?

Wayne Schmidt talks with Greg Tuckwell one of the directors of Poole Group talks about: Removing data processing from the local office New revenue streams Focus on re-engineering clients businesses Ability to streamline processes Ability for staff to focus on higher value work Highly paid staff doing less basic admin type roles Lower write offs…

How to gain new clients

New clients are your “fresh start” and we want to show you a proven strategy to gain great new clients. In this video you will access a proven sales and marketing strategy to drive new client acquisition and remove barriers to having new clients pay you what you are really worth.

Using social marketing to gain new clients

Accounting firms and bookkeeping businesses need to change their sales and marketing approach. You all look and act the same, yet to get clients you need them to switch to you, so why not stand out from the crowd? When was the last time you updated your website, reviewed your sales/marketing/social media strategy? Wayne Schmidt…

How Zerobooks helps accountants cross ‘The Value-Add Chasm’

We all have our favourite presenters, and I was excited to see one of mine presenting again at Xerocon. I’ve seen Michael ‘MC’ Carter of Practice Paradox at several conferences now, and was keen to hear what he had to say this time. His concepts of the “conveyor belt” and the “gradient of the decision…

Does your business have its ‘dirty dishes’ piling up?

You’ve made the transition to the cloud. You’re using Xero as your new accounting system. You’re excited about the efficiencies your business is about to achieve. But guess what? The job is only half done. What do I mean by that? If you’re looking to really improve your business efficiency, there are a number of…

Why Xero is Not a Great Accounting System

I often shake my head when I hear people sing the praises of Xero as being the greatest accounting package. I don’t shake my head because I think they’re wrong. I shake my head because they’ve missed the much bigger picture. Xero isn’t merely an accounting solution. It’s actually a new generation business platform.

The Outsourcing Trend: A Fad Or Here To Stay?

Outsourcing has been gaining momentum globally in recent years. Yet often I hear business owners say they can’t afford to outsource aspects of their business but, when questioned, it becomes apparent that they have focused solely on the out-of-pocket costs without considering the benefits and overall cost-savings available to the business. Why outsource? Outsourcing is…

The Four Foundations of a Successful Business

It never ceases to amaze me how many business owners (and their highly-paid consultants) come up with grand plans to grow a business which never get implemented or succeed. In many cases this is due to the focus being on the interesting and exciting phases of the plan, without ensuring the basics are addressed.