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What “value adding for clients” really means (and how to do it)

I’m always intrigued when industry “experts” say compliance is dead and that accountants need to value add for their clients. What do they mean by “value adding”? Why is it different to what we’re doing already? Does this mean the tax compliance work we’ve been doing never added value for our clients? Is the tax…

3 things to avoid when moving your accounting firm to the cloud

As you’re no doubt aware, online accounting can provide major benefits for both accounting firms and their clients. But a number of firms are struggling to make the transition. Some are hesitating, not realising the benefits on offer. And others have charged ahead, underestimating just how much work is involved in making the switch.

3 ways Zerobooks helps accounting firms become Xero heroes

And why a firm that achieved Xero Partner of the Year for moving their clients to the Xero platform is now helping other accounting firms do the same. I’m often asked why the Poole Group—after achieving Xero Australia Accounting Partner of the Year in 2013—started Zerobooks in the first place.

3 options for hiring business staff, and which one’s best for you

Thanks to the Internet and cloud-based applications, you can now hire staff from anywhere in the world. Not only that, you can also choose from a number of different hiring models. However, it’s important to choose a model that works not only for your new employee but also for your business. They all have their…

4 Ways Bookkeeping improves Accountants Productivity

While Accountants attract clients with their knowledge and expertise, what they’re actually selling is their time. Whether they’re charging a fixed fee or an hourly rate, their service model is based on the time it takes to do a given task. So obviously their ability to perform these tasks efficiently is a vital part of…

3 steps to increasing the capacity of your accounting firm

Every accountant knows the key to a profitable business is productivity. The more productive your business is, the more capacity you have and the more fees you can generate. Trouble is, many accountants either are too busy or simply don’t know how to generate the extra capacity to increase their income (and their profit).

Scaling your Firm

Wayne Schmidt talks to Mel Power from Power Finance and Joe Walsh from JWA Accountants and discuss how they’ve scaled their bookkeeping and accounting businesses. It’s a wide ranging discussion, which includes how ZeroBooks.com has allowed them both to scale without increasing head count.

Tradies & Technology

Technology in rapidly evolving the entire construction and services industry. Clinton Cowin from TradiePad talks about how he’s moved from a tradesman to now offering cloud integration services. Clinton goes over the components of a “Business Operating Platform” and what you need to know when looking to adopt technology into your organisation.

How to move to fixed fees

Is your accounting firm wondering about the pro/cons and the how to move to fixed fees? Wayne Schmidt interviews accounting firms Sky Accountants CEO Jamie Johns who was recently featured at the Xero national roadshow, and Poole Group Director Greg Tuckwell, Xero Accounting Partner of the year in 2013.

Moving an accounting firm to the cloud

Accounting firm Sky Accountants CEO Jamie Johns was recently featured at the Xero national roadshow. Now if your accounting firm is wondering about the pro/cons and the how to adopt cloud accounting this video will answer your questions.