Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Terms

Like all businesses we have to maintain our cashflow to meet our ongoing commitments. Our terms include:

  • Normal credit terms are 14 days from date of invoice;
  • Fixed price agreements are paid via direct debit on the 14th day of the following month.
  • Our fees are based on the time required by individuals assigned to the engagement plus direct-out-of-pocket expenses
  • Invoices for work outside the fixed price package are normally prepared on completion of a specific task. We charge a payment processing fee to all credit card payments of 1.5%;
  • We reserve the right to charge interest on all overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month;
  • Any additional costs associated with collecting any amounts outstanding will be invoiced to you;
  • Where the client is a ‘company, trustee, trust or a super fund’, the directors and/or trustees are personally responsible for the company’s, trustee’s, trust’s and/or super fund’s accounting fees in the case of a debt due and payable; an
  • We require 30 days notice of termination for services/s on a file; and
  • If our services are terminated, we will be entitled to retain all documentation that they have prepared or hold until they receive payment in full of any outstanding fees.
  • If payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to suspend work until such time as payment has been received.

Ownership of Documents

Any documents which we are specifically engaged to prepare, together with any original documents provided by yourselves, will be your property. Any other documents brought into existence by us including working papers, draft financial statements and copies of BAS returns, will remain the property of Zer0books.com Pty Ltd at all times.

Xero Data File

Your Xero file, and the information contained therein, is the property of Zer0books.com Pty Ltd. Should you wish to remove us from the file or transfer the file to another financial advisor we will require all outstanding amounts to be paid in full.

Privacy Policy

A copy of the Zer0books.com Pty Ltd current privacy policy is available on our web site, www.zerobooks.com/privacy-policy

Payroll Responsibilities

Should your organisation pay employees (either currently or in the future), please note that Zer0books.com Pty Ltd will assist you with the accounting aspects of payroll. It will be your responsibility to ensure that employee entitlements (wage, leave etc) meet all applicable awards.

Xero Add-ons

This proposal is for the set up of the Xero software and operations only. We will review potential add-ons as part of the Xero establishment to ensure that the Xero software is set up with the future integration in mind.

Your Responsibilities

    • As part of a mutual business relationship there are responsibilities for each party. In our relationship your responsibilities are:Provide all information as requested and required under the relevant statutory authorities and allow us adequate time for the preparation;
    • Regularly maintain and reconcile business books of account unless we are instructed to do so;
    • Advise us of any changes in your circumstances during the year;
    • Ensure all records pertaining to your bookkeeping matters are kept for a minimum 5 years from the date of the notice of assessment.
    • Failure to adhere to these responsibilities will result in extra work for us, and extra fees for you charged at our normal hourly rates.The responsibility for the maintenance of your accounting and internal control systems rests with you, including the protection of and prevention against fraud.

Third Parties

Our firm may from time to time use the services of third party contractors to perform some of the services we are engaged to perform for you. Each client in the Group hereby authorises us to disclose information relating to that client’s affairs to all such third party contractors as we may choose to engage to perform such work. Where we use the services of third party contractors, we are nevertheless responsible for the conduct and activities of those contractors and for the delivery of the services we are engaged to perform for you.

Director’s Guarantee

Where the client is a ‘company, trustee, trust or a super fund’, the directors and /or trustees of the client are personally responsible for the company’s, trustee’s, trust’s and /or super fund’s accounting fees in the case of a debt due and payable. By signing this document, the directors or trustees (“Guarantors”) agree to guarantee payment of all accounts payable by the client to Zer0books.com Pty Ltd. The Guarantors shall also indemnify us against all loss, damage, expense, costs, including legal costs and claims we may incur due to any default by the client in connection with this agreement or resulting from any default by the Guarantor under this document. We may take action against the Guarantor without taking action against the client and can treat the Guarantor as principal debtor. The Guarantor waives any rights it has as surety.

Quality Assurance Programme

The CPA Australia Limited periodically reviews files of its members to ensure an expectable standard of work is being maintained. You hereby consent for your files and that of your associated entities being made available to a reviewer from the society, on the understanding that total confidentiality is maintained.

Term of Engagement

This letter will serve as an ongoing outline of our business relationship unless there is a change in service requirements of your accounting needs.

Fixed Price Arrangement

Whilst in a perfect world we would like to keep our fees fixed for a long term, the fact is that a number of variables affect our business costs and the costs of the services we provide to your business. Due to these variable inputs our fixed price arrangements are reviewed at the end of each anniversary year and may be amended within the year taking into account, but not limited to, the following:

Any increases in software costs

Any changes in your circumstances or services required
A review of the work performed and a comparison to the initial budgets
A review of our labour and other costs in delivering these services to you