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Re-engineer your Processes, Fast


Moving an accounting firm from an existing platform you know to a whole new platform is a huge and daunting task. Not only is there the new learning and processes but there is the disruption to your business as you make the change.

Zerobooks has helped a number of firms make the switch to the Xero platform and minimise the disruption and make the transition easier for your team.

More Efficient

Our automated processes means the uploads can be done quicker and with less chance of human error

No Workflow Disruptions

Your staff can focus on servicing your clients and not worrying about entering the data ensuring your existing workflows are not interrupted

Cost Effective Turn Key Solution

Staff can be doing billable work while we set up your new platform in the background so they can hit the ground running

Xero Ledger Migration

Allows standard reporting and processes across your whole client base. Outsource the process to Zerobooks minimises disruption to your business. Service includes:

Set up of Standard Report Packs

Transfer of non-Xero clients to Xero ledgers, mirroring account descriptions and account codes.

Set up GST codes and report codes

Import last year results

Setup of Asset Registers

Populate Xero Ledgers

Ongoing data transfer into Xero ledgers from other accounting packages

Cost-effective service helps you increase your average hourly rate and locks-in your profitability.

Reduce write offs

Xero Workpaper Preparation

Preparation of Xero workpapers from Xero files and ledgers

Archive of old workpaper packs

Population of workpaper pack with standard documentation

Preparation of basic review notes

Removes a low value task from accounting staff

Frees up capacity for higher value tasks

Xero Client Bookkeeping

Alleviate the time consuming bottlenecks of data processing. Our team can:

Process the accounts payable

Perform the bank reconciliations at least twice a week so the information is up-to-date for you and your client—no more last minute rushes.

Set up an automated Debtor Management process to help you improve your clients’ cashflows and reduce their debtors. They’ll love you for it.

Process Payroll for your or your client’s approval and payment on behalf of your client.

To see a guided tour of our Partner Portal and how you can generate & accept your own proposals online, go to XERO CLIENT BOOKKEEPING.


Making the Transistion Easier for your Team

The Process

By working with the Xero enablement team we can ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

The enablement team create your Xero ledgers

One of your team uploads client trial balances and asset registers via our partner portal

We then populate your Xero ledger and ensure all the report and GST codes are set up

We can also help set up your Report Packs

Let us show you how to fast-track your transition to Xero

Moving Your Accounting Firm

Is your accounting firm wondering about how to adopt cloud accounting?

Listen to Wayne Schmidt chat to Greg Tuckwell one of the directors at the Poole Group (and CEO of Zerobooks), who won Xero Accounting Partner of the year in 2013, as they discuss what made them want to move their practice to the cloud and how they started their journey.