As all our partners know, we like to help our partners help their clients as much as we can. That can be by making introductions to various other partners or events that have something to offer that adds value to your clients’ business and your relationship with them.

Well, we have been working with our partners at Lifestyle Tradie who have provided a gift for us to share with all our partners who have Tradie clients.

Let me make it clear up front that Lifestyle Tradies are not in competition with any of our partners. We have found their approach complements the services that we, and many of our partners, offer. That is, by helping tradies realise there are more valuable things that they can do with their time than doing their own book work and BAS!!

We all know that everyone loves a gift, especially when it is completely unexpected. It means even MORE when the gift is actually something you (or your client) likes (unlike the many pressies we are given at Xmas that end up in the re-gifting cupboard or given to charity!)

‘Giving back’ or ‘gifting’ your clients with useful & relevant resources, outside of your firms usual service offering, is an effective way of adding value to your clients and showing that you care. The result of this is securing their loyalty.

As a benefit for being part of the ZeroBooks community we have arranged a special gift, 12 episodes of ‘The Tradie Show’ (plus easy downloadable summary e-Books for each episode), that you can gift to each of your trade business clients.

In ‘The Tradie Show’, award winning trade business owners and Lifestyle Tradie founders Andy and Angela Smith, discuss how trade business owners can overcome 12 of the most burning challenges they face in their business.
As part of an industry with an ever increasing competitive climate, we believe that a trade business owner will find great value in the relevant content of ‘The Tradie Show’.  To gain access you simply need to provide them with this exclusive link –

When you thought that was great, then read on… there’s MORE…To add even more value, we have arranged discounted tickets to attend ‘The Future Tradie’ live event – Perth and Melbourne in September, Sydney and Brisbane in October.

As the leading trade business authority in the Australian trade services industry, Andy & Angela will be touring around Australia sharing their 30 years of combined trade experience on how to get the business model right for scale, sale and ultimately, a life of personal freedom.

Tickets are usually $297, however through us you can purchase them for $47 PLUS they can bring someone for free.  Tickets are limited so act fast… you don’t want to miss out. Perhaps you might consider attending yourself and taking your trade business clients with you, or simply send them the details suggesting they attend. To purchase your exclusive discounted tickets, click here –

It is vital to always remember that your business exists solely because of your clients. Therefore, adding value to them is vital for your business to flourish and grow.

Go that ‘extra mile’ for your customers and you will reap the rewards.