We’re really excited to announce a new pricing structure to offer a more flexible solution for our partners.

Where we have (and will continue) to offer a fixed fee for a specific client we will now also be offering partners the opportunity to offer a block of hours per month to work on whatever tasks or clients our partners require.

The service offering is based on a minimum 20 hours per month at an agreed discounted fee for a staff member to work directly with the partner.

The benefits to our partners includes:

  • You can utilise the benefits of outsourcing
  • Zerobooks undertakes the basic Xero certification and training where required
  • Zerobooks can provide Xero/bookkeeping support to your team member or provide a back up if they leave or are sick
  • Your team member ​can report directly to you and take direction directly from you rather than through our AU team leaders
  • Zerobooks can provide a level of supervision with a prescribed number of hours per month if required to help build a team
  • Your staff have the flexibility to work on any task and any job that you require and not just the single quoted client
  • You can have a dedicated part time/full time staff member use your emails etc rather than the Zerobooks’
  • You have no HR or training issues other than any specific tasks you want performed outside the basic bookkeeping.
  • You have the flexibility to engage your staff member for greater than the contracted hours thus providing flexibility for highs and lows in workflows (e.g. BAS/VAT time etc)
  • You can utilise your staff member for a variety of functions but still utilise ZB and our processes for specific tasks (e.g Rescue jobs​/Fixed price agreements for larger clients)

For further information on how the new offering can work for you, email Greg at gtuckwell@zerobooks.com