You’ve made the transition to the cloud. You’re using Xero as your new accounting system. You’re excited about the efficiencies your business is about to achieve.

But guess what? The job is only half done.

What do I mean by that?

If you’re looking to really improve your business efficiency, there are a number of other areas in your business to address, beyond the core of accounting and Xero.

Consider this analogy: Imagine your business model is a restaurant. The ‘front of house’ (the team who greet, seat and serve the diners) is your production team, and ‘back of house’ (the kitchen staff that ensure the food is high quality and that hygiene and other health standards are met) is your administration.

And your head chef, who ultimately determines the success of your restaurant, is Xero.

Now Xero is a fantastic chef, and people are flocking to your restaurant. But pretty soon your restaurant is struggling to cope with all the business, so you employ extra waiters to deal with the orders.

And for a while that seems to work. But soon you’re having trouble managing all the waiters, and you bring in a maître d’ (such as GeoOp or Deputy) to help manage them.

From the restaurant floor, everything now looks perfect. Your chef is cooking great meals, and thanks to your maître d’ the waiters are serving them as soon as they’re ready.

But behind the scenes it’s a different story.

No-one knows where the pots, pans and knives are, so the meal preparation is taking far too long. And the pile of dirty dishes in the sink seems to be growing by the minute.

It’s obvious that unless something changes, the restaurant won’t survive.

It’s a mistake many businesses make: Focusing too much on production and not enough on administration.

So what’s the solution?

Getting back to our restaurant example, you could employ extra staff to prepare the food and ingredients for the meals. For the Xero accounting system, these could be services such as Receipt Bank or Invitbox.

You could also employ more staff (or a dishwasher) to clean those dirty dishes and give your restaurant a clean bill of health. For Xero, you could use  Fathom or Spotlight Reporting at the end of the day to  make sure you’re always ready to do business.

Now that you’re using Xero, it’s time to get your entire restaurant–from production to administration–working as efficiently as possible to maximise your business performance.

Figuring out which tools to plug in to Xero can be a little bewildering, as there are so many of them. To fast track the process of working out the best options for your business, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to guide you.

It’s time to stop those dirty dishes piling up.