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The Times They Are a-Changing

In 1964 Bob Dylan released the song “The Times They Are a-changing” but I wonder if he ever gave thought to the speed to which some of these changes would occur or the fact that nothing is immune to change.

Xerocon 2018 Done and Dusted!

I am sure many of you woke up a bit dusty after another sensational, over the top wrap party, or because of the information overload we took away from Xerocon 2018! It was my 2nd year attending Xerocon and Xero’s mantra each year seems to be go big or go home!

How automating processes helps cancer-proof your business

Welcome to another edition of Cancer-proof your business, where I help people set up their business and family financial affairs to survive the effects of life-altering events such as cancer and accidents. These events are stressful enough on their own without the added worry of the family’s business and finances.

Zerobooks Marketing Strategy

MC from Practice Paradox talks to CEO, Greg Tuckwell about Zerobooks’ marketing strategy and how the firm is growing rapidly despite him only setting foot twice in the office in the past 8 months. We discuss our business model, core competencies and value proposition as well as our focus on automation and process improvement.

New Spotlight Offering

We’re really excited to announce a new strategic partnership that sees Spotlight Reporting now become part of our management reporting offering for our partners.

New Flexible Pricing Model

We’re really excited to announce a new pricing structure to offer a more flexible solution for our partners. Where we have (and will continue) to offer a fixed fee for a specific client we will now also be offering partners the opportunity to offer a block of hours per month

What “value adding for clients” really means (and how to do it)

I’m always intrigued when industry “experts” say compliance is dead and that accountants need to value add for their clients. What do they mean by “value adding”? Why is it different to what we’re doing already? Does this mean the tax compliance work we’ve been doing never added value for our clients? Is the tax…